How to Make a Cute Little Felt Giraffe Step by Step

Little Felt Giraffe - In this post you will learn how to make Giraffe Valentina in felt, creation of the Fabi Medico artisan from Ateliê do Feltro. A step by step photographed that will make it much easier to produce this beautiful piece.

Little Felt Giraffe       

alt="Little Felt Giraffeo"
Little Felt Giraffe

Materials List                       
  • Smooth felt in the following colors: canary yellow, brown, nude, black, light pink and kyly pink.
  • Acrylic filler.
  • Liquid silicone glue.
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue stick.
  • Multipurpose Scissors.
  • Hand sewing needle n ° 07 or n ° 08
  • Sewing line 100% polyester in colors: yellow, brown and fur
  • Satin ribbon with 8 mm color pink
  • Pink or rose colored matte fabric ink
  • Round brush
Materials list


Tha Templates                                       

Print the molds on A4 sheet. These molds are already full size but in some printers variations may occur. If you have questions about adjusting the size of the molds CLICK HERE in this post where we teach you step by step how to do.
To know how to calculate the value of your piece after ready, go to this post where we also comment on this. Already in link you can save a free spreadsheet for calculating costs of your work. We are always available for any questions! A good job to all.

Little Felt Giraffe 
Little Felt Giraffe

Project execution
  1. Cut the pieces on the felt as shown on the mold.
  2. Paint the cheeks of the giraffe with the round brush and fabric paint.
  3. Apply brown spots and muzzle. Collage with a drop of silicone glue in the center of each small piece.
  4. Stitch the snout and each of the spots on the body*
  5. With needle and sewing thread, make a knot of artisan and sew the horns.
  6. Glue the horns on the back of the giraffe's body. Then, overlap the top that already has the muzzle and the stitches embroidered.
  7. Pin and sew all around the body with the stitch.
  8. When Stitching the body with the horns, remember to go back with the line by the horn to hold it well.
  9. Fill the body with acrylic filling and close the opening with the buttonhole stitch. Book it.
  10. For the arms, overlap the two parts, sew it and fill with fiber. Glue the arms, ears and fringe on the body of the giraffe. Stick your eyes and nostrils.
  11. Stitch the ears and fringe with a fringed stitch. Bend at the bottom to create the ear cavity.
  12. On the top of the head, glue the little flower and tie a ribbon with the pink satin ribbon (use approx. 20 cm).

ASSEMBLY SEQUENCE                      

Little Felt Giraffe 
Assembly Sequency

Color references

alt="Little Felt Giraffe" 
Little Felt Giraffe - Fabi Medico

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