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Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template

Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template

Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template - everyone in the world of felt just like me, loves to make Christmas pieces. That's why we brought in this post a model we made of dad and mom noel. They are pieces that do not stand alone. They need support for this, so they are ideal models to use in garlands and door ornaments!

Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template

Mama Claus n Felt

Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template 
Mama Claus In Felt

Santa and Mama Claus Free Template 
Santa and Mama Claus Garland in Felt

Santa and Mama Claus FREE Template

Print the templates on A4 sheet. This is already life-size, however in some printers there may be variations so if you have doubts about how to resize the molds, access the post we made here on the blog teaching you to work on this step. Click here  and learn how.
If you have doubts or do not know how to calculate the value of your pieces of your crafts after they are ready, click here and read the post where we teach to do this step. A good job to all!

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PS: If for some reason you are the author of any of the models of pieces published here that think that it should not be here, please contact us and request its removal. You can contact us through our social media or e-mail (feltrofacil@gmail.com). Some pieces published here as "unknown author" were localized images without mention of authorship. If you have this information and want to pass it on to us, feel free to do it too. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration.

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