Tutorial Felt Pincushion/Needle Cushion - Step By Step

Turtle Pincushion - The pincushion is very useful for anyone who handles sewing. So how about you make a cute decorative pincushion like this one to decorate your workshop? Besides being beautiful, it also serves to improve the tip of your needles and pins.

Turtle Pincushion

With just a little stuffing with steel wool your needles and pins will stay sharp. Hence I worked out a step by step to help you make this cuteness. Therefore, prepare your felts and lines and let's go!

Turtle Pincushion, Needle Cushion Mold
After trimming the molds on the felt, start sewing the paws like yo-yo according to the following steps.

Working this out!

The Paws
1st - So, tack the boundaries of the circle.

As a result,  the end of the points will look like this:

2nd - Start filling. Here I used silicon fiber Santa Fe.

3rd -  Finalize. Finish the sewing of the yo-yo and they will look like this:

The Body

4th - Now start sewing the turtle's head. Pin the two cutouts.

And start to sew. I used the line here the same color as the felt. Normal sewing thread, a thread only for the stitches to be small and delicate.
5th - Begin to fill the head of the turtle.

6th - Finalize and it will look like this:

The Hull

This is the circle for the hull.

7th - Make a big Yo-yo, do the same as done as legs.

8th - Most noteworthy, I put first steel straw to fill. Then I supplemented with the silicon fiber.
In conclusion, the big Yo-yo hull will look like this:

The Cap

9th - Now we are going to make our turtle's cap.

10th - Tack this way. Approximately 1,5 cm into the circle.

11th - Now pull the seam to pucker. It will look like this:

12th - Now fill underneath.

* Turtle cap. Pen mark left purposely because I was testing the sizes.
13th - And it shall look like this:

* Turtle cap. Pen mark left purposely because I was testing the sizes.
14th Place the little eyes on the turtle's head and then glue all parts with hot glue.
15th - Make the skirt. Cut a strip approximately 45 or 50 cm long by 2.5 wide and then tack the ends pulling the seam to pucker and form the skirt (similar to the cap procedure). After that, tie it around the turtle's hull.
16th - In addiction, apply buttons or other details that you choose to give the finish. As a result it will look like this:


This turtle serves both as a pincushion and/or a door weight simply by putting a sandbag within the hull. We will post on our channel on YouTube and in our Fanpage the step by step teaching how to do this piece!

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